About Mai, Oh My!


Hi! My name is Mai (pronounced “my”). I’m the 2nd from the left in the photo, in case you were wondering!

Welcome to “Mai, Oh My”! When I was in the 5th grade, my favorite teacher of all time, Ms. Jones, would yell out “My Oh My!!!” and for the life of me, I cannot remember when and why she would do this, but it would always make me giggle. She was referencing the late Seattle Mariners broadcaster David Arnold Niehaus, who I later learned he would yell out this phrase during pivotal points in the game. So I am guessing that she probably yelled out when something great and amazing was happening right? hah. I hope so!

Hm.. what else about me. I am a 2nd generation Vietnamese American woman, wife to J.D., and mama to 3 littles – Stella, Emma, and Hamilton (we call him Ham, and yes, he IS a ham!). I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest to two hardworking Vietnamese boat refugees who left everything in Vietnam in search for a better life for their kids. I grew up in low income housing with my 4 siblings until my mom and dad saved up enough to buy their first home. I was blessed to attend the University of Washington (Go Huskies!) by working my fanny off at our restaurant in Kirkland (Pho Express was ours from 2003-2017). I met my husband in college, finished a Masters in Education, taught elementary school for 5 years, then retired to be a stay at home mom/admin to our family business.

So…Why did I create this lifestyle blog?

To talk about me! No, but really, it’ll be about where I am in life at any given moment and right now it’s about my life with my husband, kids, extended family, and friends! We spend our life cooped up in the house right now per covid, so I am all about finding allergy safe meals for my kids (egg, dairy, peanut, and tree nuts allergic), finding open ended ways for kids to play, and kind of homeschooling.